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Welcome to the Parks College Parachute Research Group web site. We have tried to make your visit here a rewarding one, whether you be a researcher, engineer, scientist, mathematician, student, or skydiver. To many of us, parachutes seem so simple, yet those of us who have studied them in detail, and those of us who have come to depend on them in our work and recreation, know that they can be complex devices as well, worthy of as much study as the most complex of aerodynamic devices. We have tried to do that very thing - to study the parachute as best we can. We only hope that you carry the same interest and excitement as we do about one of the world's most interesting mechanical devices - the parachute.

Through our ongoing parachute research conducted at St. Louis University Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology we aim to achieve the following:
  • To advance the state of knowledge on the aerodynamics and other basic physical processes involved in the deployment, inflation and flight of circular and square parachutes
  • To expose Saint Louis University undergraduate and graduate students to the latest in parachute science and technology
  • To help the parachute industry develop safer, more technologically advanced, and less expensive products
To achieve these goals the Parks College Parachute Research Group is conducting a vigorous research program in the areas of parachute deployment/inflation and parachute flight dynamics, as well as offering its consulting services to the parachute industry and government agencies to satisfy their research and development needs.

General Aviation Serves America

Researchers use General Aviation to test parachutes

PRG Members - Meet the members of the PRG and learn what they do for the Group.

History of the PRG - Find out why we formed the Group and how it came together.

Press Releases and News - Announcements of things the Group has been doing.

Research Projects - Here is where you can find the technical details about the Group's specific research projects.

Computer Programs - Here is where you can find information about the computer programs the Group has written as part of their research projects.

PIA - Presentations made by Group members at Parachute Industry Association Symposiums.

White Papers - Here is a list of short articles and excerpts on technical topics that have been taken or compiled from more extensive documents or research.

Instrumentation Systems and Electronics - This section highlights some of the unique electronic devices and instrumentation systems the Group uses to collect data for their various projects.

Test Drops - This section describes some of the test drop work that the Group does and gives a pictorial tour of some of its drops.

Skydiver Area - This section presents some the Group's research in a slightly less technical way, and highlights projects and information which is of special interest to skydivers. Also included are some devices and systems we have designed and built for skydiving.

Student Area - We created this section for Grade School, High School, and College Students doing basic research on the aerodynamics of parachutes.

Weather - Weather related data and links related to parachute research, skydiving, and test drops.

Design Info - This is a list of design references and their sources for those wanting to know more about the design of parachutes.

Consulting Services - Here is where you can find out about the Group's affordable services, whose proceeds go to Parks College's educational programs.

Parachute Research Group sponsors - Individuals, companies, and institutions who have provided us with funds, equipment, facilities, and other invaluable help.

Related Links - Other web sites related to parachutes, research, and aerodynamics.

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