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Tongue Switches for Canon EOS Digital SLR

The part numbers of the components used on these assemblies are specified in the graphic file, so little text is needed. This switch assembly may also work with other cameras. The switches are not 2 position switches, operating the focus and then operating the shutter release. Both actions are taken at once when the switches are pressed.

Simple Tongue Switch

Simple Camera Tongueswitch

Various "Tactile" Switches

Tactile Switches

Tongue Switch based on Football Mouth Guard

Switch made with football mouthguard

Notice/Disclaimer: This circuit has been provided as a service to those skydiving videographers who wish to construct their own camera tongue switch It has been observed to work under certain specific conditions, but has not been tested under all conditions that may arise while photgraphing skydiving. It is extremely important that those who use this and other similar devices must not focus their attention on the switch to the extent that it causes them to lose awareness of their surroundings, situation, and altitude while skydiving!

For questions or comments about this circuit contact Gary Peek:

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